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  1. Leg Day For Climbers - Exercises You Can Do At Home

    Leg Exercises For Climbing

    Boost your home training with our new series of video guides with coach and climbing enthusiast, Olivia Radcliffe MSc BSc. In this episode Olivia guides you through 5 leg exercises that you can practice to help improve your leg strength for climbing.

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  2. VIDEO: Buster Martin climbs First Ley 9a+

    VIDEO: Buster Martin climbs First Ley 9a+

    In November 2019, Moon Climbing athlete Buster Martin claimed the seventh ascent of Chris Sharma’s 9a+ sport route in Margalef, First Ley. Buster’s first meeting with the route came earlier in the year whilst on the hunt for a new sport project. He returned to the climb in April, then again in October before completing the ascent on 17 November.

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  3. The Climber's Christmas List

    The Climber's Christmas List

    There's only so much chocolate, jigsaw puzzles and cat calendars a climber can take before their head pops. Help them out this Christmas by gifting them with something that actually sets their climbing vibes tingling. Whether they're a style-thirsty boulder monkey, or in need of some organisational assistance for all that metalwork they're lugging around, we've got the gift buying beta you need to top the popularity charts this Christmas.

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  4. MoonBoard Masters Returns for 2019

    MoonBoard Masters Returns for 2019

    Since 2017, demand for a second MoonBoard competition has been strong. We're now two years down the line and the time has come to launch the Masters for the second time. So what's new? Well... quite a lot.

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  5. VIDEO: Part 2 - MoonBoard Training For Climbing: Power Endurance

    VIDEO: Part 2 - MoonBoard Training For Climbing: Power Endurance

    Looking for a new way to really push your physical and mental climbing limits? In Part 2 of the MoonBoard training video series, Michiel shares how you can include Power Endurance training in your session and what grade range you should be aiming to practice on.

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