1. Fontainebleau in November by Katja Vidmar

    I was really looking forward to this trip. As much as I love travelling to faraway places, Font is still my favorite place to boulder. It's just soooo goooood!!! Anyways, I was enjoying my first few days climbing, ignoring my low back pain that just didn't seem to go away the following mornings. The weather was just too perfect not to climb, but in a few days I couldn't really do it anymore. I had another week left. The weather was snowy, rainy, sunny, windy, foggy, changing all the time. Just like my feelings about being in Font and not being able to climb much. However, you can't have a bad time in Font! It's just so pretty and there are so many really cool easy climbs to do and so many hard ones to check out for next time! So yeah, at the end I really had a good time, relaxing holidays instead of bouldering a muerte, but I guess that's just what I needed at the time. [gallery link="file" ids="18243,18242,18241,18240,18239,18238,18237"]

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  2. Head games: Mind control – the ultimate skill by IVAN LISICIA

    Head games: Mind control – the ultimate skill Do you ever feel that time stretches during certain crux sections? Sometimes you need to slow the rhythm down so you can execute everything precisely, just right. Seconds can seem like minutes for those few moves, but it isn´t a good thing. The more time you have, the more likely you'll start thinking (too much) and eventually mess up. I have this lovely project that's been fooling me around for years. Although the climbing style is athletic, there are two incredibly technical sections pretty high up, and this is where my head feels like it could explode. Holds are small, body positions are weird, feet are non existing and placing them is nearly as hard as grabbing the next hold. To climb either of these sections I have to be accurate, light, strong, agressive, tender, uncompromised, extraordinary, blessed with cool temps and dry north wind, free of lactic acid despite the previous 30-40 moves and, above all, positive and optimistic although I've been getting my ass kicked here for seasons. Sounds like an impossible task? Well, let's just call it tough. In general, I don´t suffer from negative thoughts while climbing. If I am in regular fight mode, my mind is empty. I just switch autopilot on, get into the flow and try the best I can. But in these two sections, I admit losing my focus pretty often. I would have the strange feeling of time slowing and of there being an uncomfortable silence which you're desperately trying to fill, like being on a first date and not knowing what to say. Trying to move through the crux with so many thoughts buzzing around my head was impossible. I knew I had to find my focus and self confidence again, so I experimented with different mental approaches. At first and instinctively, I just wanted to shout something as loud as I could. In the past, this had been an effective way of lowering the pressure and getting a short confidence boost, but this time it didn't match the climbing style. It

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  3. The Hills Have Allies - An Irish Bouldering Film By David Fitzgerald

    This video aims to highlight the passion in the Irish bouldering scene. Over time, I began to obsess over personal progress. It was with this that I discovered the beauty in projecting lines at my limit. The Wicklow mountains have always held such intrigue in my mind. I soon began to explore the rural landscape, throwing myself at the established test pieces. When I began climbing over three years ago, I dreamed of the effort required to succeed on such lines. Over the course of my discovery, with the help of others and a portion of self-taught practice, I began to adapt to the climbing style and embraced the projecting mentality. Spanning two years worth of effort, culminating last Spring, this is the product of that dream. DF Switch (8A) Second Ascent Galaxy 2 Galaxy (8A) Space Machine (7C) Leftism (7C) John’s Crimp Problem (8A) The Roof (7B+) White Lightning (7C) Black Power (8A+) Second Ascent Computer World (7C+) Second Ascent The Egg Traverse (7C) The Hills Have Eyes (8A+) Second Ascent Soul Revolution (7C+) Second Ascent Leviathan (8A)

    The Hills Have Allies - An Irish Bouldering Film from David Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

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  4. Cliffhanger Sheffield 2016

    Love big city life, love the outdoors? Think Cliffhanger – Sheffield’s inner-city festival dedicated to celebrating the outdoors. We'll be bringing along the NEW mobile MoonBoard, set at a super chilled 25 degrees. You'll also have the chance to compete against your peers in our Moonboard Cliffhanger competition, grab a Moon Climbing bargain from our clearance and sample sale, AND, get a first glimpse of what's to come in our 2016 Autumn-Winter preview... Sheffield city centre will be transformed into a playground for outdoor adventure when the Cliffhanger festival returns this July. Taking place Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 July 2016, this year will be the first time the event is to be held across Sheffield City Centre with FREE entry for everyone. Sheffield is the UK’s leading destination for people seeking outdoor adventure, city culture and rural escapes, and relocating the festival to the centre of The Outdoor City brings all of that together. Events and activities will be spread across various locations such as the Peace Gardens, Barkers Pool and Devonshire Green, with dedicated areas for cycling, running and climbing as well as a host of other adventure activities available to try. Once again, the highlight of the weekend will be the BMC British Bouldering Championships, where the nation’s strongest climbers will battle it out to be crowned king and queen of the wall. Set to take place on Devonshire Green, this national competition is free to watch and will be extended into the evening to take advantage of the warm weather. Make sure you come down for Qualifiers on Saturday and Semi-finals & Finals on Sunday. Cliffhanger events will be taking place across the city centre 10am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday, while the British Bouldering Championships will be running 11am - 7pm both days. There will also be live music in the evening on Devonshire Green Friday night 8pm - 10pm and Saturday night 7pm - 10pm.

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  5. Going Big in Japan... Simon Weil

    Stepping off a plane in Tokyo is pretty routine, you cruise through customs, pick up your bags and then head down to the train station to catch the express into the city......   This is where it goes straight to defcon 5. The train station is like stepping into a human ant farm. There are people everywhere, scurrying around you, past you and almost over you. However, amid the chaos is unbelievable organisation. Tourist information booths help the bewildered fools find their way to the correct train and offer advice on how best to make it to your destination.   Tokyo is an enormous, sprawling metropolis, unlike any city I have visited before. But the train system makes it a breeze to get around, even with zero Japanese and a heap of luggage, the trip is not too arduous, though a packed Tokyo train is quite an experience. The words jammed in like sardines barely does it justice. You cannot move and it is a fight to not get caught up with the human tide as people try to decamp, just hold a handle, plant your feet and let the tide break around you. We arrive at our ryokan feeling a little washed out, it's evening time, I'm hungry and a little bedraggled. A ryokan is a traditional guesthouse, you sleep on tatami mats, the rooms are tiny, but its cost effective, comfortable and they have their own version of an onsen (Japanese bath) upstairs. We get freshened up and hit the streets to find some food. I'm not quite sure what the story is, but it seems that there is a restaurant or a hairdressers in every second shop, so if you have hair (unlike me) or are hungry (definitely me), you have enough choice to make you walk on and on just to see what is available. The options for food are endless, mostly you can be lead by pictures, but every now and then its great to just jump in, go native and see what happens...   After a couple of big days in Tokyo, having the sensory overload that one expects, as well as checking out some sweet sumo action, it's time to head to the blissful co

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