1. Kajsa Rosén, One Of A Few | At The Pinnacle Of Climbing Achievement

    Kajsa Rosén, Our #MoonTeam legend from Sweden , talks about sending 8c on-sight T-1 Full Equip in Oliana, Spain. She is one of a select few who will ever achieved this grade, with the world's first being climbed in 2004.    
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  2. Kalymnos "Inshallah" 8c+

    blog1 Since 2008 when I  first saw this route  I really  wanted to climb it because the moves and the line itself looked amazing. So I started slowly  trying  it and figuring out the moves. The line starts from the beginning with hard boulder continues onto
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  3. of fairy tales & city slickers

    There is lots of different playgrounds in climbing, and every playground requires not only different skills but also a different attitude towards it. First of all there are high walls, walls where you can´t just rappel in a single turn, walls to feed

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