1. Summer is here...

    ...and so are the hot temps. We've been trying to handle all that with climbing on some river bed spots where it gets a bit cooler. I only wish I had more time to go climbing but we're in the middle of the world cup season and for me it means many days spent in the gym or going from one comp to another. We're just back from Toronto and Vail where we had some time in between the two comps and we went to the beautiful RMNP. I remember the last time I was in Colorado it was raining all the time and this time it was just blue sky. Amazing. Now we're back home and I did some routesetting and coaching for the team trainings and I went out bouldering a few times with Gasper and our french bulldog Mr. Truffe. I did a few FA's which is really cool but I must admit that usually the guys do all the hard work with brushing and searching and all that. Establishing new boulders or area's takes a lots of time and dedication but it is also the best feeling climbing something that's never been done before. Now it looks like a few rainy days are ahead of us. We'll see what the rest of the summer will bring. Here are two photos by Gasper Bratina from Hydroponics, FA in Hubelj:



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  2. Women & FA's & other stuff

    The year 2012 is saying goodbye and I'm looking forward to the fresh start. The weather here is playing with us all the time. Not so good for climbing outside but perfect to get creative and make some Christmas presents, do some fingerboard training, running, pull ups and other stuff to get fit.

    A while ago I went to Podrta gora (a talus spot nearby) together with Gašper. It was pretty wet so we did a lot of searching (walking), found new blocks, built some landings and worked on a hard project before the dark . In one word, we did some hard work. I was crushed at the end of the day.

    Sometime ago I read an article Women in Climbing on Jamie Emerson's blog: B3bouldering. It's an interesting discussion about where women's climbing is today if we compare it to men's.

    This chapter is interesting and it made me think:

    '' Women are not the ones hiking to the boulders with rope, harness and wire brush to clean and climb the newest boulders. This is one obvious niche that has yet to be filled in the growth of our sport. The argument could be made that only a small percentage of the total number of men that climb develop new problems, and if more females did climb, the number of female developers would increase. Conversely, almost no women have done any significant first ascents of classic problems at the best climbing areas.''

    Here is how I see the developing and first ascents: I like the searching and all the work that comes with it. But to be honest. I'm just a follower. I join the group of guys, we do all the work together and sometimes it happens that I'm the first one to climb the new line. If it wasn't for Gašper I would never get the idea to go searching for new blocs by myself, but I'm always happy to come along. I don't know why that is. In my head, I'm s

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