1. Five Strategies For Sending Your Project by Kyle Knapp

    Five Strategies For Sending Your Project by Kyle Knapp

    As 2021 begins, what better time to talk about sending your ‘project’ than now. Some of us will be heading back to our home walls for another round of lockdown training. While some of us, especially those who are lucky enough to live in an area close to real rock, might be just enjoying another typical climbing day. ‘Projects’ are everywhere. Both inside the gym or outside on the rock. Either way, the points that follow hopefully will help you on your own personal stone crusade. Most of them are common knowledge, but often overlooked in the plethora of training advice that gets repeated time and time again. So, let’s begin.

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  2. A Summer of ups and downs Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen

    In mid-June I was in Font, the season was over and I had no expectations. Just a week chilling in the forest, one of the nicest places I know. But despite the heat I was able to send my ‘summer’ project Chaos (8b). I felt really strong and confident a

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  3. Weekend in Val Daone

    I finally got a chance to escape for a weekend and go climbing! Bouldering in Val Daone and a quick stop in Arco, that was our plan and I only wish we had more time. Icecream, cappuccino, little shopping and saying hello to our youth team who are crushing

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  4. Summer is here...

    ...and so are the hot temps. We've been trying to handle all that with climbing on some river bed spots where it gets a bit cooler. I only wish I had more time to go climbing but we're in the middle of the world cup season and for me it means many days

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  5. #14 Days in Font

    At the beginning of this winter I planned to go to Font for two straight weeks mid March. I've never been that long in Font before and my expectations were high. My goal this season was to climb The big island (8c), or at least give it some good tries. Unfortunately I injured my left wrist with new year while working the moves of the island. It's mid April now and it is still not 100% recovered.

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