At the beginning of this winter I planned to go to Font for two straight weeks mid March. I've never been that long in Font before and my expectations were high. My goal this season was to climb The big island (8c), or at least give it some good tries. Unfortunately I injured my left wrist with new year while working the moves of the island. It's mid April now and it is still not 100% recovered. But I still could climb, so I shouldn't complain about it. The only thing was that I couldn't do the stretched moves on the Island with this injury, so I changed plans. Gecko assis (8b+) was also high on my to do list, last year I did it in two overlapping parts so I knew I could do it. We were lucky, two weeks of pretty good conditions combined with sun and nice temperatures. Maybe not the best conditions ever, but I like it when a climbing trip also feels like a summer holiday. Climbing also was great. Almost every day I could send a nice problem and I did Gecko assis surprisingly quick (some calling Gecko assis 8b, but for me it felt harder than the 8b's I've done, so I give it 8b+). From the beginning of the trip there was a little voice in the back of my head saying I should aim for ten 8th degree problems. Te be honest I thought it was impossible for me. But halfway the trip I had five 8th's, maybe it was possible? In the end I did nine 8th's, just missing out on ten. My most productive trip ever, nine 8th's under which my second 8b+. March is now officially my favorite Font month. Gecko assis 8b+ Gecko assis 8b+ All photo's me in Gecko assis (8b+). Made by Sophia Röfekamp
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