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  1. Failure: A Trip to Maltatal, Austria by Eliot Stephens 

    Succeeding is always the goal, but sometimes we need failure. Sometimes we need it more than success. 

    Going out to Maltatal to try Bugeleisen was a familiar feeling. Some travel, some flying, some driving,

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  2. Moon Juniors - Youth World Championships 2022

    Moon Juniors - Youth World Championships 2022

    In August of 2022, six of the Moon Junior climbing team set off to Dallas, USA to compete at the Youth World Championships. With some exceptional performances across the board, from climbers both experienced and new to international competition, the World Champs was a great stage for some of the Moon Climbing Team. Below are a few words from each of our athletes on their experience in Dallas.

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  3. The School Room Holds

    The School Room Holds

    Climbing has long been the preserve of outsiders; the weirdos, the obsessives. But as the climbing industry caters for a broader market and mass appeal, walls and gyms today are becoming gentrified. Brand new brightly coloured holds, WiFi, yoga classes, posh coffee. Yet at the back of an industrial unit in Sheffield lies a reminder of a simpler age. A time when the aforementioned obsessives wanted nothing more than a few holds on a plywood board in a dusty room to pull down on. That time was the mid-1990s, when bouldering was poised for global stardom, to take its rightful place as an equal alongside its trad and sport counterparts.

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  4. Getting Started on the MoonBoard: Tips for Beginners

    Getting Started on the MoonBoard: Tips for Beginners

    With unique holds specifically designed to train power, tension, finger strength and footwork on insecure moves, the MoonBoard is a great tool to improve your climbing. But it can be tricky to know where or how to start when you're first trying the MoonBoard. With the help of our very own Ben Moon, we put together this video to run through some of the basics.

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  5. New MoonBoard Benchmarks

    New 2016 Benchmarks

    New 2017 Benchmarks

    Problem: Metal Militia, 6C+
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