kajsa rosen

  1. Kajsa Rosen Climbs First Ascent in Stockholm

    Kajsa Rosen Climbs First Ascent in Stockholm

    The Swedish summer was long and warm and made the climbing condition terrible. After a 2 week long trip to Ceuse I quickly realized I had to give up my dreams on Swedish granite. Instead I decided to get insanely strong for whatever outdoor project that

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  2. Kajsa Rosén, One Of A Few | At The Pinnacle Of Climbing Achievement

    Kajsa Rosén, Our #MoonTeam legend from Sweden , talks about sending 8c on-sight T-1 Full Equip in Oliana, Spain. She is one of a select few who will ever achieved this grade, with the world's first being climbed in 2004.    
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  3. The purple slopey dynamic boulder by Kajsa Rosen

    Yep, you heard me. This blog is going to be about the purple slopey, dynamic boulder.

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  4. Bouldering north of the polar circuit

    This outdoor climbing season, I've been outdoor bouldering more than usual. Or rather, this was my first summer with real outdoor bouldering! Anyway, me and my family have been travelling around in north Sweden to visit friends, and to do some climbing.

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