Yep, you heard me. This blog is going to be about the purple slopey, dynamic boulder. Purple slopy dynamical problem

You may think; why is she dedicating a whole blog to a purple slopey, dynamic boulder? An indoor boulder that is probably going to be removed within the next month? Why not a spectacular boulder located in the forest of Fontainebleau? If you're having this thought, I definintly get your point, and I couldn't agree with you more. But the case is; I'm living in Sweden. Currently it's minus 20 degrees outside, and last time I checked, I'm not a ”minus grade boulderer”. So as long as it's not school holiday, this is what I have to go on. And I'm not complaining, rather the opposite.

Chironico snow

Last year in Chironico.Temperatures just above zero. Didn't even put my shoes on that day...

This will sound cheesy. But this boulder is so much more than a purple slopy, dynamic boulder. Since slopers and dynamic moves aren't my best skills the boulder symbolises me developing outside my comfort zone. A new start to the new year. I'm super psyked for the coming training that will prepare me for the challanges this year's season will bring. Last season went great and now I have even bigger plans to hopefully get next season even better. But let's start working on this purple slopey, dynamic boulder.

2015 best send

Last year's best send. “Scott linjen”, Dyviksudde, 8b+, FFA.

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