This outdoor climbing season, I've been outdoor bouldering more than usual. Or rather, this was my first summer with real outdoor bouldering! Anyway, me and my family have been travelling around in north Sweden to visit friends, and to do some climbing. On our way to the north of Sweden, we staid in Sundsvall to climb on a boulder place called Juniskär, and it was amazing! The blocks were placed right next to the sea with an amazing view.  

  In Juniskär I climbed one of the best boulder I've ever climbed before. It started in a roof, under a bigger roof. What made this problem so extremely cool was all the toe-hooks and heel-hooks!:)     Another stop we made was in Gaisenjarga, this time north of the polar circuit. Gaisenjarga is a quite new boulderarea, that I have read about in a Swedish climbing magazine. The topo can be found online here Gaisenjarga is a peninsula , in "Torneträsk" (a big lake). It was a huge area, with thousands of boulders, and have great potential for a lot of more problems. Although this was in the middle of the summer, I had to wear a down jacket. Now you can understand how cold it can be here in Sweden, but the friction is good ;-) Strangely, later that day it turned so hot that I wanted shorts instead, weird...   Anyway, I was really impressed by Gaisenjarga. The first boulder problem we tried was the best. A slopy traverse, that I almost gave up on. It felt impossible. But after we figured it out, it felt possible and I made it. And that was the coolest thing with the boulder, you needed the perfect beta. We didn't find any good boulder later, it became to hot for a bit harder problems. Instead, I got stuck on some really hard "easy problems", and couldn’t even get my butt from the ground... So we went down to the lake, to get some good climbing pictures.     Unfortunately the outdoor season is nearly at it's end here in Sweden, if you don't want to climb in temperatures below zero and snow, which I don't. But I'm happy that I've discovered so many new and good boulder areas, and I've realized that Gaisenjarga and Juniskär was just a small part of all boulder places around, I've want go bouldering more! Next I will go to Font for the first time. I'm really looking forward to that :)    
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