bernhard fiedler

  1. Doing my ticks by Bernard Fielder

    Last year I continued to play my favourite game. I was running around in the woods searching for virgin lines. I was spending my money on rental cars and flight tickets, to get my hands on golden rock. My daydreams were dedicated to certain structures

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  2. of fairy tales & city slickers

    There is lots of different playgrounds in climbing, and every playground requires not only different skills but also a different attitude towards it. First of all there are high walls, walls where you can´t just rappel in a single turn, walls to feed

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  3. The shizzle amongst the cold and the uncertain faith in climbing

    December climbing is kind of a love-hate-thing to me. At home it is freezing cold or the projekt is covered with snow, or it will be covered the next day. As the afternoonclimber that I am, the daylight allowes a maximum of four climbinghours and telling

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