1. Hoseok Lee on Training, The Moonboard and Hard Boulders

    Hoseok Lee on Training, The Moonboard and Hard Boulders

    We recently spoke to the Moonboard legend Hoseok Lee about his training, climbing on the Moonboard and dream boulders. You might have seen his outrageous training feats and hard climbing on Instagram, so be prepared for more psych. Rea on to check out

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  2. Cliffhanger Sheffield 2016

    Love big city life, love the outdoors? Think Cliffhanger – Sheffield’s inner-city festival dedicated to celebrating the outdoors. We'll be bringing along the NEW mobile MoonBoard, set at a super chilled 25 degrees. You'll also have the chance t

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  3. Guernsey's LED Moonboard

    The LED moon boards are appearing all over the world, and we always love to hear about your builds, we got sent this email by our LED guru Chad, from Martin over in Guernsey. It looks like they had a brilliant time updating their moon board to the new

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  4. Climbami 2013

    The idea of Climbami comes from a group of climbers who want to bring back the streetboulder in Milan and raise awareness of climbing to as many people as possible even outside of our circle. I thought to participate as a spectator, but Gianluca (Moon

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