The LED moon boards are appearing all over the world, and we always love to hear about your builds, we got sent this email by our LED guru Chad, from Martin over in Guernsey. It looks like they had a brilliant time updating their moon board to the new LED system, it sure looked like thirsty work Hey Chad,   Thanks again for your help. I meant to get back to you sooner to let you know how it went, just in case you were interested! I actually finished a few weeks ago, and it's made the moon board so much more fun.   So, f**k me, that was a LOT of cutting, stripping, tinning and soldering of wires! Over a long weekend we had a lot of 3am/4am finishes and we consumed a mammoth amount of beer. I was lucky to rope in a couple of other guys or I might have gone insane! When I told one of them we could have bought the LED's from you (near the end), he nearly broke into tears, which frankly made it all worthwhile!   Below are a few pictures of the build, and importantly, the finished product. I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out.    [gallery link="file" ids="18014,18015,18016,18017,18018,18019,18020,18021"] Thanks again for publishing what you did, and the help!   All the best, Martin   p.s. On the controls you'll see I changed the message; "Tu Futu" in Guernsey-French means "You're F*cked", which is the Guernsey climbing club's loving encouragement equivalent of "come on buddy!"    I'm the hairy one
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