1. FIBO Competition Sheffield

    Some old timer recently came first in the Sheffield FIBO bouldering completion. Here's a short film that the host The Foundry Climbing Centre produced after the event. We hope you enjoy.

    F-BO15 - Foundry Bouldering Open 2015 from The Foundry Climbing Centre on Vimeo.

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  2. Summer report

    This was one busy summer for me. I spent most of my days in our gym with the team preparing for the comps, route setting and then going from one world cup to another. The highlight was, of course, world championships in Munich. In my competition years there was also a world championships in 2005and If I look back now, it's so funny how things change. Bouldering was still pretty new to me at that time but I was very ambitious and I was ready to work hard to achieve my goals as a competitor. Now I'm looking at the comps from a different perspective - as a coach and I'm very happy to have a chance to work with such a cool team. Although I missed some time for my climbing this summer, all the work and ups and downs of the season payed off with Jernej Kruder taking a silver medal in Munich. It was a big and well deserved medal for him and for our team!

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  3. My First Open Nationals

    The title says it all. ABS Open Nationals 2013. Only the most stacked comp in the country. How the hell did I end up here?   Well, once upon a time, there was a climber named Galina who decided she wasn't going to do Youth ABS this year because she was a complete idiot and didn't realize she actually had a chance of making the US Team but completely blew it due to her inability to make decisions. So she decided to do Open Nationals instead. Not because she thought she could win or place or anything, but because she thought it would be a good experience. Which it was. Worth every penny of the $185 entry fee. Also it took place in the Colorado Springs auditorium, which is about 5 minutes from campus. I'm not going to go through and describe every problem like I usually do because there were nine problems in all (between Qualifiers and Semis) and I would hate to put you through the pain of reading about every single one of them. Also, there's a video with everything except the first qualifier (camera malfunction...), and if pictures are better than words then what are videos. Instead, these are The Highlights, The Fuck-Ups, and How to Avoid Fuck-Ups Next Year (Yes, There Will Be a Next Year). As a side note, don't be fooled by the ratio of Highlights to Fuck-Ups. Climbing-wise there were actually a lot more fuck-ups, I just chose to compress them into a nice little paragraph. Overall, though, I'm happy with how I did. Satisfied? No--is there such a thing? Happy? Yes.  

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  4. JIBS: Ends and Beginnings

    JIBS. Junior Indoor Bouldering Series. This competition will always hold a special place in my heart. There's just something about woody walls, old greasy holds, incredible setting, and the whole community vibe that the Philadelphia Rock Gym creates every year. If I couldn't climb at Prime Climb anymore, this would undoubtedly be my gym of choice. I almost didn't make it this year, mainly due to the fact that I'm in Colorado Springs and Philadelphia is about 1,671.2 miles away. Yet somehow all the cards aligned, and on February 7th, I found myself on a plane headed to La Guardia in New York, racing to beat Nemo, the due-to-be snowstorm of the century. Fortunately, I was able to book an earlier flight, which conveniently gave me more time to study for my Russian final. And we spent two nights at our New Jersey family’s house (at least the closest we have to family here in the States). Qualifiers were smooth sailing, as usual. I ended up finding a bunch of crimpy 700s and 800s to fill up my scorecard, all of which I either flashed or sent second go. The problems were super tight, even though there wasn’t anything flashy or particularly out-of-the-box, especially compared to some of the more recent comps I’ve done (Dark Horse much?). Just solid climbing, which has definitely been missing from my life these past few months. The main thing that struck me from Qualifiers was the atmosphere. Kids who I had met once or twice before, and stayed in touch with only through occasional Facebook likes, would cheer me on on almost every problem, and offer their congrats after each send. It’s those little things that bring a comp from good to exceptional. If only I had more time. This was, regrettably, going to be my last JIBS before I aged out. After deciding that I definitely qualified, my mom and I headed out to do some shopping, eating, and more shopping (not like there’s much else to do in the six hours between Qualis and Finals). Being away in Colorado had definitely taken its

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  5. Comps 2013

    I know, I haven't written any blog in a while. Honestly, nothing special has happened... Except from when I won the Nordic Championship in lead... That was a while ago so I guess it's to late to write about it now. However, I must say it was a really great and fun competition. “Solna climbing club” always arranges fantastic competitions, I must thank them big:)

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