This was one busy summer for me. I spent most of my days in our gym with the team preparing for the comps, route setting and then going from one world cup to another. The highlight was, of course, world championships in Munich. In my competition years there was also a world championships in 2005and If I look back now, it's so funny how things change. Bouldering was still pretty new to me at that time but I was very ambitious and I was ready to work hard to achieve my goals as a competitor. Now I'm looking at the comps from a different perspective - as a coach and I'm very happy to have a chance to work with such a cool team. Although I missed some time for my climbing this summer, all the work and ups and downs of the season payed off with Jernej Kruder taking a silver medal in Munich. It was a big and well deserved medal for him and for our team!

A few days at home and we were in Arco for the Rock Master. It's a special place for me. I remember going on my first rock climbing trip there with my sister Maja and our coach Roman Krajnik back in 1999. We were looking at that wall and the dream of competing on Rock Master one day seemed so far but in 2008 we were both standing on the podium. Maja in lead and me in bouldering. It was a really special moment in my climbing career and I'm always happy to be back in Arco. The other reason why I love Arco is that they have the most delicious ice cream and I can't get enough of it :) This Rock Master was a big team success with 5 medals altogether and Kruder winning the bouldering comp. We are home now. And I just booked my flight to Las Vegas in November! I've never been to Red Rocks before and can't wait to go there. it's been to long since my last trip and I really miss it!!! Time to train now!

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