1. Moon Juniors - Youth World Championships 2022

    Moon Juniors - Youth World Championships 2022

    In August of 2022, six of the Moon Junior climbing team set off to Dallas, USA to compete at the Youth World Championships. With some exceptional performances across the board, from climbers both experienced and new to international competition, the World Champs was a great stage for some of the Moon Climbing Team. Below are a few words from each of our athletes on their experience in Dallas.

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  2. MoonBoard Masters Returns for 2019

    MoonBoard Masters Returns for 2019

    Since 2017, demand for a second MoonBoard competition has been strong. We're now two years down the line and the time has come to launch the Masters for the second time. So what's new? Well... quite a lot.

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  3. The First Ever American Ninja Warrior

      In the seventh season of the worlds hardest obstacle course, it had remained unconquered! Back again for my 3rd year in a row. Las Vegas, Nv. One of my least favorite places to be in the middle of the summer. With the temperatures reaching a scorching high of 46 celsius, it was far from bearable even in the middle of the night. Luckily the competition doesn’t begin until night time and continues on till sunrise. With the heat, sleep deprivation and nerves its no wonder why this obstacle course had yet to be defeated. Talk about putting your ninja skills to the test. On the first night of the competition, I was able to assess the upcoming obstacles, although its too late to actually train physically I could begin to overload my mental muscles. The hardest American Ninja Warrior Finals in history was ahead of me and the other 100 athletes were ready to face off with the unbeatable course. Stage 1. Balance, speed, agility, coordination. Are the basis of the skills needed to accomplish this course. Although its only the first stage it cannot be underestimated. With my mind calm and ready for action, I smoothly pounced and leaped from obstacle to obstacle executing each move as intended. The main concern for me and most ninjas on stage one is the Jumping Spider. After sticking the crux landing on the initial jump I knew I had stage one in the bag. A minute later I was at the first of four buzzers with plenty of time to spare. After a historic number of athletes who completed stage one, all 38 of us moved on to the next challenge. Stage 2. With some familiar obstacles from last season, a few tweaks and turns made for an intimidating course. The second to the last obstacle “Roulette Row” was the Ninja Killer. Once all 38 athletes made their attempt, only 8 remained, me being one of them. I finally earned the chance to showcase my abilities on stage three and hopefully push forward to stage four and win the title along with the grand prize.

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  4. Kajsa's Worldcup Odyssey

    MOON Ambassador Kajsa Rosen from Sweden in the semifinals of the World Cup in Imst this past weekend. Its extremely impressive that Kajsa manage to finish 9th overall on her 2nd ever world cup competition.
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  5. FIBO Competition Sheffield

    Some old timer recently came first in the Sheffield FIBO bouldering completion. Here's a short film that the host The Foundry Climbing Centre produced after the event. We hope you enjoy.

    F-BO15 - Foundry Bouldering Open 2015 from The Foundry Climbing Centre on Vimeo.

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