MOON Ambassador Kajsa Rosen from Sweden in the semifinals of the World Cup in Imst this past weekend. Its extremely impressive that Kajsa manage to finish 9th overall on her 2nd ever world cup competition.
We at MOON are over the MOON with joy for Kajsa, here is her report.
"Imst was my second world Cup ever, so I didn't expect very much. And since I had climbed outdoors for two weeks I wasn't sure about  my indoor shape. First of all I aimed to get into semis. And so I did, with margin even. I was actually close to top one of the qualification routes but got timed out at the second last hold (I was filled with joy anyway).
The semis went great and I got into a flow quite quickly. Unfortunately I made a small mistake which led me to being left out of finals. Anyway I'm happy with my result and now I know what I'm capable of doing.
All the best!
Kajsa "
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