The time goes by so quickly. I realized I haven’t been on a climbing trip for more than half a year. Not cool! I work as a climbing coach, and lately, this has taken all of my time. May and June are always crazy and I can’t wait for summer to come. Even if it’s super hot it will be more calm for sure.

My favourite place to climb right now (I mean a place that I can go to for one day) is Trnovo by the So?a river. It’s an amazing ambient with a lot of potential. You can climb new problems every day, so much to do and so much waiting to be found, cleaned and climbed. So when I have a day off and the weather is good I go there to climb projects from last year or just search for new ones.

Beside working as a climbing coach I also did some route setting. This was what I wanted to do for a long time and this year I got an opportunity to set boulder problems for the youth national team training sessions and a national competition. It’s hard work but so creative and fun.

Two weeks ago we had a World Cup bouldering competition in Slovenia. I didn't compete for the first time. I decided so one year ago and I didn't change my mind since then. But it was an interesting experience anyway. The route setters invited me to come to try some problems for the comp. Of course I found them hard to climb, but it was cool to hang out with Jacky Godoffe, who was the chief route setter, and the rest of the team who were all Slovenian climbers. After we tried everything that was on the wall at the time, Jackie thanked me for my skin that I left on the brand new holds (real skin eaters). He’s a real legend and still unbelievably strong. On the weekend it was even more interesting to watch the competition, because I knew what the climbers were supposed to do and I knew how bad the holds really are.

Now it’s time to work a bit more and then at the end of the summer I plan to go on a trip. I think it’s about time to go somewhere!

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