A few a weeks ago, I participated in my first senior competition, the Nordic championship. Since I turned 16 this year it's my first year I get to compete with the seniors. So for me, this competition was a completely new experience. The contest took place at Klättercentret K2 in Stockholm where I usually train. I signed up just for fun. I would never have dreamt about to fight with the absolute best, but I hoped to reach the final. There was a strong line up for both women and men. I'm glad so many talented girls participated, among them Therese Johansen, Hannah Mitbø, Tina Johansen Hafsaas and moon climber Katrine Vandet Salling.

I felt rather nervous for the qualification, like a small shit among the others. Since I hadn't been at any senior competition before, I didn't really know how it all worked. Luckily I knew a lot of nice people from Sweden in the isolation I could talk with.

The qualification did not go as well as I had hoped, I thought I had messed it up. I managed to top 2 out of 5 boulders, and took 4 bonus holds. The last problem ended quite annoying as my time passed when I almost had the top. Very frustrating indeed..! Although I was quite disappointed about my effort, this qualified me for finals in 4rd place, yay! (It would be stupid if I staid disappointed)

After some food, a nap, and a little walk it was time to head back to isolation later that evening. It was the first time in a competition I had felt no pressure, no nerves and just excitement. I felt a few butterflies here and there but nothing much. The nervosity came all over me after I had flashed the first problem, and then the second... By then I was first with Hannah Mitbö and Therese Johansen.

The third problem was harder. Nobody of the girls managed to top. I took the bonus hold on my first try. By then, I was at a shared first place with Therese. But of course I didn't know that when I sat in the isolation. Now it was all settled on the last problem.

I didn't manage to top the absolute last problem. I guess I was both physically and mentally tired, at that time I usually go to bed ;). Anyway I was very satisfied with my climbing. Directly after my last attempt I ran to my friends and family in the crowd, without knowing anything about the results. They told me how it all went, and I had NO idea it was so close. The competition went far better than I had expected and I finished in 3th place! This brought a great smile to my face. Both Hanna and Therese are simply two incredible and massive inspirations to me. To be that close behind was awesome! I could not be more pleased with my result.

The competition was probably the best I have been to and the finale was the funniest I have ever experienced by far, it was full of extremely funky, enjoyable and interesting problems. The atmosphere where amazing, I'm not used having so many people being there to watch the competition, I climbed in the light of spotlights with music played by a DJ. I believe I had the biggest and best cheering section in the crowd! (Not as the Junior competitions where just the parents or grandparents watch). As usual, I have to thank Solna Klätterklubb for an extremely well organized competition with the good food (one more time). And many thanks to the amazing crowd for the great cheering! The cheering probably gave me some extra super power.
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