I returned home from my summer trip to France with an 8a red point, lots of other routes, a good tan and a feeling that I could, if I wanted to, get in a really great shape in a short period of time. But since the next international competitions I will be participating in is not set until october and november I chose to take it easy and enjoy what was left of my summer vacation.

However, this weekend on the 1st of september there was a competition located near the place I live. In Aalborg at the harbour frontage, a Deep Water Solo contest took place. Of course I had to participate! In this life there is only one thing that I really, deeply hate; cold water. Even in the summer when it is 30 degrees outside and most people just dives into the nearest bathing place as quick as possible, it can actually take more than half an hour for me just to get my feet into the water. So to contest in a Deep Water Solo contest above a harbour has never even occurred as a possibility for me. But since the competition was planned by people from my climbing gym and located in my city, I felt that I had to contest - and I wanted to as well! I just had to overcome my awkwardness and face my fear.

Katrine simply could not wait to dive into the sea water -

After two qualifying rounds six girls and nine men went on to the finals. I had topped both of the qualifying routes but was ranked second due to the new rule where, in case of resemblance between the competitors, time will part and the fastest will lead. Therefore my friend Primula were leading the competition since she altogether had been two seconds faster than me.


To be honest, the thing I least wanted to do was to get in the harbour again. The two first routes were not hard at all, but since the altitude of the topholds on the wall were about 12 metres, each of my plunges required tons of energy. So when I had to warm up for the final route I felt a massive repellent force coming from my body by the thought of getting into the cold sea water again, and I suddenly felt really tired. But luckily things changed when I saw the final route. Søren Andersen who is probably one of, if not the very best route setter in Denmark had built the routes, so naturally it looked amazing.

I fell at the top of the route since I completely misinterpreted a hold and therefore went for it wrong. But I got far enough to win the competition! However, my chalk bag, which had been spared in the qualifying rounds, was completely filled with water. If any of you have got some piece of advice on how to get those things dry, I would really appreciate it!

Katrine at the podium Hope you have all enjoyed the summer. Katrine   (Photos are taken by friends of mine; Maja Hinrichsen and Pernille Bruun)
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