The Moon Hardwood Armstrong Fingerboard

Introducing the Moon Hardwood Armstrong

Look no further, the Armstrong Fingerboard is your one-stop shop for your fingerboard strength training needs, with no gimmicks or unnecessary features, unlike some of its competitors. And now in a choice of sustainable hardwoods Ash, Beech or Sycamore.

Choose between in-cut jugs, 35-degree slopers, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm and 8mm slots or 22mm two-finger and one-finger pockets. It also includes fixings for pulleys if you like to perform your workouts with assistance.

Designed by Ben Moon in collaboration with some of the UK’s top climbers, every hold has been placed in the optimum position for performing the classic one-arm and two-arm fingerboard training routines. Comfortable and safe to train on, all two-armed exercises are performed on holds a shoulder-width apart, and the most popular-sized one-arm dead-hanging edges, which are 22mm and 18mm, plus a jug for performing one-arm pull ups, are all placed centrally, to put you in the middle of the door and clear of the door frame when the fingerboard is fixed above a door.

A year in the making, the Armstrong Fingerboard has literally everything you need for a complete, safe, fingerboard strength training routine, to push your climbing to the next level.

The Armstrong Fingerboard is now more sustainable than ever. Available in a choice of Ash, Beech or Sycamore, these woods are all sourced locally in the Lake District National Park in the UK, from natural waste such as storm damage. There is no energy intensive production process, very few miles for the material to travel, and minimal waste. What’s more, these very strong hardwoods have natural, beautiful variations that make each Armstrong fingerboard unique.


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