Let's be honest, being injured sucks! In a big way. All of us, no matter whether we fool around on boulders, crush hard on sport routes or love placing wigglies, hate being injured. Worst of all is having time to climb and being unable to do so. Sadly, as we get older, these injuries become more frequent and more debilitating. Bouldering is definitely the most aggravating type of climbing that one can pursue, but just so happens to be my favourite pastime. Add that to my other chosen pursuit, Jiu Jitsu and you have a dynamite combo forever lurking in the background, waiting to mess you up... So, unsurprisingly, in November, I had surgery on my elbow to remove a bone spur and to give it a bit of a clean up. One too many gastons or one too many armbars meant that I was left with a permanently aggravated elbow which I couldn't straighten nor bend the whole way. The surgery itself wasn't a big deal, four small incisions, a bit of cutting and scraping and you're away, but it's what comes next that tests your resolve. Resting, Rehab, strengthening, stretching all eat away at you constantly. Then the questions begin. When will I climb again? When will I be strong again? Will I be able to train hard? Am I ever going to be back to full strength? Thankfully I had access to some pretty good advice and great health officials to give me a hand on the road back. But, in between all of that I had a hectic summer of work in the restaurant, which takes up a lot of rehab time. Fortunately, this is also the height of our outrageously hot summertime, so not too much lost in terms of rock time... Fast forward to March and it's go time. I have been back training hard for just over two months, have dropped all my christmas weight and I'm ready to go. I've had a few days outside and have managed a couple of projects from last year already, so am feeling very positive. I'm sooo psyched for 2015, it's hard to communicate that in words alone!!! I'm off to New Zealand in a few weeks, back to the amazing Castle Hill and all of its slopey wonders and then a return trip to South Africa and Rocklands. In between there will be plenty of trips to the Grampians and Arapiles. So much to be frothing over. Now I just have to get through another day or two of work...   IMG_2509 IMG_2511
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