This video aims to highlight the passion in the Irish bouldering scene. Over time, I began to obsess over personal progress. It was with this that I discovered the beauty in projecting lines at my limit. The Wicklow mountains have always held such intrigue in my mind. I soon began to explore the rural landscape, throwing myself at the established test pieces. When I began climbing over three years ago, I dreamed of the effort required to succeed on such lines. Over the course of my discovery, with the help of others and a portion of self-taught practice, I began to adapt to the climbing style and embraced the projecting mentality. Spanning two years worth of effort, culminating last Spring, this is the product of that dream. DF Switch (8A) Second Ascent Galaxy 2 Galaxy (8A) Space Machine (7C) Leftism (7C) John’s Crimp Problem (8A) The Roof (7B+) White Lightning (7C) Black Power (8A+) Second Ascent Computer World (7C+) Second Ascent The Egg Traverse (7C) The Hills Have Eyes (8A+) Second Ascent Soul Revolution (7C+) Second Ascent Leviathan (8A)

The Hills Have Allies - An Irish Bouldering Film from David Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

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