1. In the news and coming events

    Text by David Falt Some significant events have taken place lately. The american wonder girl Sasha Digulian sent her second 9a by repeating Chris Sharma's Era Vella, 9a in Margalef after six days of work. This is a stunning performance

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  2. The Focus of a Nordic Champion

    Up until now this year has been pretty uneventful for me. There has only been three things worth mentioning, actually.

    The first event of the year was the Nordic Championships in bouldering. The competition were held in Copenhagen, Denmark which

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  3. World Cup Log - Slovenia

    In the beginning of this year I decided to compete on the World Cup in Log, like last year. It’s been a year since my last World Cup competition and I thought it could be fun and also good for me to train with the whole team. So I did it, but it didn't

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  4. Churnet, The Tor, Kendal and CWIF

    We all headed down to the Churnet to check out the amazing looking Ina's Rock. This is a truly awesome piece of weathered sandstone hidden away in the woods, with two classic highball/solo's side by side. With a big team and the biggest load of crash

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