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  1. VIDEO: Warm Up For Climbing With These Simple Stretches

    VIDEO: Warm Up For Climbing With These Simple Stretches

    Moon Climbing athlete, Katja Vidmar demonstrates her favourite warm up routine before climbing. Starting from the head and working down to the toes, Katja’s yoga-inspired routine will move you through some very familiar positions, but at a faster pace, designed to help prepare your body for your climbing session.

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  2. Fontainebleau in November by Katja Vidmar

    I was really looking forward to this trip. As much as I love travelling to faraway places, Font is still my favorite place to boulder. It's just soooo goooood!!! Anyways, I was enjoying my first few days climbing, ignoring my low back pain that just

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  3. Stretching for Climbing Katja Vidmar

    STRETCHING FOR CLIMBING I decided to write a little article about stretching. I personally do it just because it makes me feel good and I also don’t like to feel stiff when climbing. It is maybe a small part of training but for me it’s pretty important. I

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  4. Utah Bouldering Trip Katja Vidmar

    I'm sitting on a plane back home. The desert is thousands of miles away, but I still have sand in my hair, my face is sunburnt and my feet are still a bit cold. Desert life. I miss it already. We had a few wonderful weeks bouldering all around Utah, from

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  5. Summer is here...

    ...and so are the hot temps. We've been trying to handle all that with climbing on some river bed spots where it gets a bit cooler. I only wish I had more time to go climbing but we're in the middle of the world cup season and for me it means many days

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