I'm sitting on a plane back home. The desert is thousands of miles away, but I still have sand in my hair, my face is sunburnt and my feet are still a bit cold. Desert life. I miss it already. We had a few wonderful weeks bouldering all around Utah, from Joe's Valley, Indian Creek and Big Bend, to Little Cottonwwod Canyon. image1 First days in Joe's just before Thanksgiving were nice and warm. Trying to climb everything and nothing at the same time. Just stopping by every boulder that looked good, no matter the grade or style. image2 In a few days we hit the road and drove to Moab where we got our food and water supplies, ate a big burger with bacon and avocado and we were ready for Indian Creek. We didn't know what to expect going there with crash pads. The place is beautiful and famous for crack climbing, not so much for bouldering. We were walking around enjoying the views, did some climbing still too close to the road and just wandering how many amazing blocs are there if you go deeper. It was to bad we didn't have a 4x4 drive and that we didn't run into Chris Schulte who knows where everything is. image3 Next was Big Bend. A small old school area with some really good climbs and hard grades. Trying hard in V4 was fun and I was pretty happy when I did it (the Circus trick is a famous sandbag boulder in the area). image4 In the mean time it was freezing cold in Joe's, so we decided to stay a few more days around Moab. The cold was tiring enough even here. Beside bouldering in Big Bend we did a few hikes around Castle Valley. It is so pretty there. image5 Back to Joe's. The beautiful Angler is a must do! This one was luckly on this side of the river. We would have to cross it for other amazing water polished blocs. But it was just too cold to do that. I didn't feel my toes most of the time without stepping into the freezing cold river. image6 Another classic climb from Joe's is Resident Evil. It's on the same bloc as Ben Moon's legendary Black Lung. First day on it, I only did the Stand Up and then we went to Moab. When we came back it was totally different in Joe's. After Thanksgiving and the cold this place was so unusually lonley and calm. I tried the boulder from the bottom and after I found that left heel hook I fell on the last move…twice. I felt like my hands were empty and I needed a rest day. It was so hard to rest with all the boulders around me but I knew I need to if I wanted to finish that thing. The next day I found the starting moves way harder and it was really cold and I started to get nerveus but then I cooled my head off and did it. image7 We had a few more days left and I just wanted to climb and enjoy it. Low balls, high balls, crimps, slopers…everything! image8 On our way back to the airport we made a qick stop in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Just to climb a little bit more before going back home. And it was worth it.

Utah Bouldering Trip from 8HOUSE on Vimeo.

Katja Vidmar's Latest bouldering trip around Utah. Featured boulders: -Split Boulder V6, Indian Creek -Angler V2, Joe's Valley -Dirty Harry V7, Joe's Valley -Resident Evil V10, Joe's Valley
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