1. First ascent of the "Highlander, 8C“ at Sustenpass, Switzerland. Martin Keller

      2 The video-still above shows the moment I was living for the last thirteen years. Getting this finish-jug for the first ascent of the "highlander" was the dream I was chasing since my very first day up there at Sustenpass. It all started in summer 2003 with me standing at the parking of „Sustenbrüggli“ and watching up to this big boulder named „Traumland“. I instantly realized a line of holds crossing the whole boulder from down right up to the far left. I asked Simon if this line already had been climbed. He laughed. He thought I was crazy. And well he was right. Later in the day I tried the "middle-part" of the line I had imagined. This is the classic "Traumland" and I was literally not able to do one move. Nice try. But I was attracted to this big piece of gneiss nevertheless. What I did not know at that time was that I would be back climbing on this line for every year for the following 13 years. It is the story of a long journey that shows that you can turn your dreams into reality when you are truly passionate, willing to go the extra mile and ready to test and push your limits. As I was not one of these super talents who crush their first 8C boulder or 9a route when they are 15years old I had to go more then once this extra mile. It all started when I did quit a possible professional career in soccer with 20 because I was really curious about climbing. At this time I was not even able to climb a 6a route in the Gaswerk-climbing-gym. If anybody had told me at this time I would ever be able to climb in the 8th-grades I would have laughed at him.

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  2. Miguel does Font

    Moon team climber Miguel had a superb time in Font this spring and has put together a short film showing his exploits..        

    Fontainebleau from miguel navarro on Vimeo.

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  3. Woodwell classics with Phil Michell

    Here is a short film by George Sewell, about our #moonteam climber and GB Athlete Phil Mitchell, we hope you enjoy.     Phillip Mitchell climbs 2 Woodwell classics: Gaskins's notoriously right foot cam intensive What's this for...! 6C+ and the over the road classic Angel Deelite 7A.    

    Woodwell with Phil from George Sewell on Vimeo.

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  4. Training with Ben

    After a remarkable career including the World's first 9a "Hubble", last year, 25 years after climbing his first 9a, Ben Moon climbed his 2nd 9a "Rainshadow". This film by Boreal, gives an insight into Ben's training and his goals for 2016 and beyond.    

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  5. An almost perfect weekend, Kristof Rauch

    [gallery ids="18133,18134,18135,18136,18137,18138,18139,18140,18141,18142,18143"] At the easter holidays I had one of the best weekends ever. At the moment I live about one and a half hour away from the beautiful Maltatal, so it was just logical for me to spend my holidays at “home” and go bouldering in Maltatal. On Friday I warmed up a little bit on some easier problems, then started the day by reclimbing the standing start to “Emotional Landscapes” (8C), the stand is about 8A+. I also checked out the lower moves a little bit but it got too warm quite early and I also had another goal in my mind. I wanted to try “Bügeleisen” (8B+) but I had to wait for the sun to go down. So I decided to try some other problems till the conditions get better. A few friends of mine tried a nice 7C called “Soft Skills”, after some beta from Michl I was able to flash it. After that, it got too warm to even climb easier problems, at least for me. So I went down to the “Bügeleisen” to prepare everything for my tries. I cleaned the holds and put the crashpads in the right position but I had to wait another 45 minutes till the shade came in. I decided to try the cruxmove at first, for me this is the 4th move but the problem is more or less pretty hard from the start to the top. To start from this position you already need a ladder or a lot of pads, I felt quite strong and could climb without the first 3 moves to the top on my first try of the day. At this moment I was pretty sure that I could climb it that day but bouldering isn’t as simple as it looks like. I had to deal with pretty soft skin and this problem is everything else as friendly for the skin. It is really powerful and steep on some small crimps. On my best try I fell on the cruxmove (4th move) and had to stop trying after just 3 tries from the start. A little bit frustrated but not really tired I went about 30m to the left. Where one of the best lines in the valley is located. It is called “Air” (8B) and there is also a shor

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