STRETCHING FOR CLIMBING I decided to write a little article about stretching. I personally do it just because it makes me feel good and I also don’t like to feel stiff when climbing. It is maybe a small part of training but for me it’s pretty important. It’s a good prevention from injuries, it improves my posture, my climbing technique and movement, I have more possibilities when figuring out my beta or I can just save some power by using some high feet or footholds that are far apart. Being flexible has so many benefits and I think every climber should do it. Here are some of my favourite exercises. I would recommend that you do it to the point that is not too uncomfortable for you so you can stay at least 30sec in certain position. If it’s still too hard, try to hold it only for a few seconds and repeat 5-8 times. Don’t give up if you feel you’re not getting anywhere on your first day. It takes some time and you’ll be surprised how things get better if you do it regularly! And don’t forget the most important thing: ENJOY IT ;)   [gallery link="file" ids="18151,18152,18153,18154,18155,18156"]