We decided a to get the Moon Junior team together at Ben's gym 'The School Room' to have a bit of a training session, and to introduce them to the MoonClimbing Winter kit. Their enthusiasm was absolutely amazing, and they were running rings round all the adults in the building, and were showing us 'oldies' a thing or two about climbing. Oh to be young and made of rubber eh! Let's  Meet the Team Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 17.25.56   Pippa I am 15 years old and have been climbing for 8 years.  After entering my first ever Youth Climbing Series, age 7, I was hooked and climbing became a major focus of my life. This year,  I finished 3rd in the BMC Open Youth Lead competition in March and competed in an EYC at Imst.  My next goal is to do well in the Eurpean Youth Championships in Mitterdorf, Austria in September. Last summer, I ventured out onto rock and started sport climbing with a trip to St Antonin, France. Whilst out there, I redpointed my first outdoor 7C. This year, I hope to build on that and also to learn some trad climb skills. Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 17.25.38   Robin Hi - my name is Robin ( with an "I" not a "y"). I'm 13 and I love climbing, be it indoors or outside, boulder, lead, trad, alpine, via ferrata - you name it. I like to keep busy - this month I led my first E3 in Heptonstall and broke my wrist redpointing in Catalonia - oops! Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 17.25.11   James I have been climbing for 4 years after being introduced to the sport at a birthday party. I joined a  young climbers club at the foundry climbing center Sheffield, and now regularly climb 7b I am currently bouldering about v8/9. This summer I have spent working many of the Peak districts classic climbs and boulder problems. Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 17.24.48   Joe I started climbing when I was 9. I've always wanted to climb but it took a while persuade my parents it was a good idea! I've been climbing for just over 3 years now and my main focus is competition climbing, although I love getting outdoors too. At the moment I'm regularly flashing 7b and have onsighted 7c in competition. My best results in the last 12 months was 1st place in the BMC Bouldering Youth Open Event in November, last year and 3rd at the BLCCs, last month. I spend a lot of the school holidays in Cantabria and enjoy bouldering and sport there. I have met a few local climbers and equippers and they have helped me a lot but I need to learn some more Spanish climbing terminology!   Lets see how they got on eh