Climbing Diary

  1. War and Peace - by Joe Xiberras

    War and Peace - by Joe Xiberras

    Looking back to the day of Dev Squad Selection, I felt confident that I had done well.

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  2. On Damaging Rock - by Ben Moon

    On Damaging Rock - by Ben Moon

    I remember when North East climber and photographer, Mark Savage, sent me a photo of the damage done to the classic Bowden problem 'Vienna'. The damage is obviously due to it's popularity and 'Vienna' is certainly not unique in this

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  3. The Real Thing By Ivan Lisica

    The Real Thing By Ivan Lisica

    So, is it possible to raise kids, work full time and (continue to) climb well? There are many examples that it is possible, but the real question is how? 

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  4. Do You Want to see a Sneak Peek into My Head?

    The Trilogy Project The Trilogy project is some thing that started to take shape in my head last summer. I have a long lasting love affair with the Dolomite’s. We all know how it is with progression. At first glance a route can come

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  5. Back in the Harness

    Dealing with the blues upon my return to Australia after my European sojourn was not easily done. Sub zero temps and crushing new blocs was awesome. Coming back to 35degrees and work was sub optimal. But, after deciding that I would do some routes this year there was only one thing for it, get amongst it and get pumped.

    The Grampians, located 3 hours west of Melbourne in the almost desert environ of Western-Victoria is one of the most amazing places to climb anywhere, but if its easy clip ups that you’re after, you need to look elsewhere. Most of the sport routes in the Grampians require some serious work or some sort of mixed gear or have an old carrot bolt. Ridiculous, but good training I suppose.

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