MoonBoard Challenge

  1. Checkmate!


    Want a game of chess?

    Checkmate 7b+ (benchmark) by Hoseok Lee

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  2. Quart Poulet!

    Quart Poulet!

    For those who like to test their limits...

    Try Quart Poulet 7c+ by 40 Degrees.

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  3. Burn Baby, Burn!

    Burn Baby, Burn!

    Yearning for a fiery challenge? First Burn 6C by Kyle Knapp .

    One to make those muscles burn!

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  4. Did Someone Say Sausage?

    Did Someone Say Sausage?

    Feeling hungry for a challenge? Top Sausage 7a by Carlos Higuera .

    We bet you can't cook up a challenge like this one! 

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  5. Salty Surprise!

    Salty Surprise!

    This one grabbed our attention! Salty Surprise 6a by Lacy Taylor.
    Make sure you add it to your logbook! 

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