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News and Training

  1. Moon Junior team go to School

    We decided a to get the Moon Junior team together at Ben's gym 'The School Room' to have a bit of a training session, and to introduce them to the MoonClimbing Winter kit. Their enthusiasm was absolutely amazing, and they were running rings round al

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  2. Head games: Mind control – the ultimate skill by IVAN LISICIA

    Head games: Mind control – the ultimate skill Do you ever feel that time stretches during certain crux sections? Sometimes you need to slow the rhythm down so you can execute everything precisely, just right. Seconds can seem like minutes for those

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  3. The Hills Have Allies - An Irish Bouldering Film By David Fitzgerald

    This video aims to highlight the passion in the Irish bouldering scene. Over time, I began to obsess over personal progress. It was with this that I discovered the beauty in projecting lines at my limit. The Wicklow mountains have always held such in

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  4. Cliffhanger Sheffield 2016

    Love big city life, love the outdoors? Think Cliffhanger – Sheffield’s inner-city festival dedicated to celebrating the outdoors. We'll be bringing along the NEW mobile MoonBoard, set at a super chilled 25 degrees. You'll also have the chanc

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  5. Going Big in Japan... Simon Weil

    Stepping off a plane in Tokyo is pretty routine, you cruise through customs, pick up your bags and then head down to the train station to catch the express into the city......   This is where it goes straight to defcon 5. The train station is like st

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