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  1. Burn Baby, Burn!

    Burn Baby, Burn!

    Yearning for a fiery challenge? First Burn 6C by Kyle Knapp .

    One to make those muscles burn!

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  2. Discover the Men's 2018 Clothing Range

    Discover the Men's 2018 Clothing Range

    The Moon Climbing motto - 100% climbing - is at the core of all our clothing styles. Each one is designed, tried and tested to give you exceptional freedom of movement, durability, and a style you’ll want to wear again and again. This year we’re excited to introduce three new styles to our menswear collection - have you seen them yet?

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  3. Discover the Women's 2018 Clothing Range

    Discover the Women's 2018 Clothing Range

    Searching for a new vibrant climbing wardrobe that’s as practical as it is stylish? The 2018 Moon Climbing women's collection holds everything you need to take on this year’s climbing projects with confidence and style.

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  4. Did Someone Say Sausage?

    Did Someone Say Sausage?

    Feeling hungry for a challenge? Top Sausage 7a by Carlos Higuera .

    We bet you can't cook up a challenge like this one! 

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  5. Salty Surprise!

    Salty Surprise!

    This one grabbed our attention! Salty Surprise 6a by Lacy Taylor.
    Make sure you add it to your logbook! 

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