1. My First Bolting Experience by Sandra Lisica

    My First Bolting Experience by Sandra Lisica

    Earlier this year I bolted my first route on a perfect Trogir limestone. It was truly a fulfilling experience to "give life“ to an untouched line, virgin rock. In many occasions, people around me were bolting, however, my duty was mostly belaying

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  2. Ben Moon Climbs 4th Ascent of Rainshadow (9a)

    Yesterday I realised the dream I had of climbing Steve McClure’s classic 9a route Rainshadow. Here's the story of what led me to begin redpointing the route that could possibly be the hardest route I've ever climbed...
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  3. Death is as Real as Climbing

    A tribute to some lost legends Most who go out and play around on cliffs, climbing with or without a rope, look at climbing as a leisure activity or hobby. Some take it seriously and train in a gym, and some attempt to make some kind

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