My First Bolting Experience by Sandra Lisica

Earlier this year I bolted my first route on a perfect Trogir limestone. It was truly a fulfilling experience to "give life“ to an untouched line, virgin rock. In many occasions, people around me were bolting, however, my duty was mostly belaying or brushing. But, this time I was able to bolt a route and it was so much fun, though hard work at the same time. One thing I can say for sure, like in anything I guess, bolting one route does not make you an expert. You get to know the basics, but only years of experience in different lines and areas can make you a true master. After this day, I admire a lot more climbers who are using their energy and time to discover and open new lines for the whole climbing community. It is a gift which should not be forgotten or taken for granted. The best that we can do as a favour, is to help maintain these lines in the best possible condition, or in other words, to keep them clean and safe for everyone. Let´s all take it upon ourselves to take care and be responsible for these lines, as they belong to all of us. 

This new line in Trogir became Pink Panther (7c), a crimpy 20m line and truly a perfect piece of rock. 

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