1. CWIF Competition

    Before heading out to Siruana I received a text message from ex British Bouldering Champion Gareth Parry inviting me to compete in one of his Bloc Fest competitions. Since the comp was the next day it was a bit last minute and I had to decline. Stran

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  2. The Year That Passed - 2012

    So the year passed by, just like that - or so it feels, now, afterwards, when I can do nothing about anything that happened but leaf through the memories and events in my mind.


    To make what could have been a very long story very sh

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  3. Short Update

    What's going on lately? A lack of rock that's what's going for the last months. Since summer (a month in Targasonne) I didn't climb outside. It is one of the downsides of living in the Netherlands, we have no rock! Ok Font is not too far away but sti

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  4. Moon Board T-Shirt Graphic Competition

    Moon Board T-shirt Competition Okay now’s your chance to get both creative and on the front of a new Moon Board t-shirt! We are currently working on some new t-shirt graphics and one of the ideas we are playing with is a montage of
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  5. One month of Chaos, and some comps

    It has been too long ago since my last blog post. This spring I have trained indoor, studied a lot (I achieved my Bachelor degree in sociology) and did some comps. Due to finger injuries and study stress I messed up the boulder Worldcups in Log Drag

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