1. My First Open Nationals

    The title says it all. ABS Open Nationals 2013. Only the most stacked comp in the country. How the hell did I end up here?  

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  2. JIBS: Ends and Beginnings

    JIBS. Junior Indoor Bouldering Series. This competition will always hold a special place in my heart. There's just something about woody walls, old greasy holds, incredible setting, and the whole community vibe that the Philadelphia Rock Gym creates

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  3. Comps 2013

    I know, I haven't written any blog in a while. Honestly, nothing special has happened... Except from when I won the Nordic Championship in lead... That was a while ago so I guess it's to late to write about it now. However, I must say it was a really great and fun competition. “Solna climbing club” always arranges fantastic competitions, I must thank them big:)

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    Two weeks of rainy weather don't leave any crags dry enough for climbing ... Here in northern Italy right now we have to take refuge in the gym... At Postodiblocco Climbing Village we organized the penultimate stage of the most important winter bould

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  5. A great start of the year

    From the very 1st of january I had 25 days to get as ready as possible to participate in the first competition of the year! The competition was located in Copenhagen. It was the first round of a new concept called The Annual Cup, which is a new addit

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