Summer as always went by quickly, I think that the human beings should be on holidays 350 days a year… After finishing the maintenance works in the gym, on August 9 my girlfriend and I decided to leave for a 10 days tour between Val Daone and Zillertal. First stop in Val Daone, an enchanting valley beneath the Adamello, well known for its ice falls. In recent years a large group of climbers from Trento and Brescia is enhancing it with granite blocks which have nothing to envy to the Ticino ones. After one day running, I decided to try a block that I already spotted on Internet, a very beautiful top furrowed by very good crimps released by Gabriele Moroni. I spent half a day searching for the best sequence for hands and feet, but after the first laps from the bottom I realized that I spent too much energy in the study of movements and I decided to come back more rested the day after. Next morning I waked up painfully, because in the last few days I did not train and I touched no grip. I tried to warm up very quietly on the blocks and put my engine at the right speed, in order to let my lactic acid pains disappear. It was a good choice because after 45 minutes training on the blocks between 6B and 6C, my pains seem to fade and my body have fine sensations. I put myself under the block, I cleaned the grips and made two useless laps during which my foot slipped on the last movements…I got angry a lot. I nervously lighted up another cigarette…then I received a phone call by a colleague, I spent ten minutes on the phone thanks to which I probably forgot what happened shortly before. I wore my shoes, I placed myself at the starting point and I started: I somehow pulled out the tension and anger and I climbed flowing as it happened a very few times in my life. I reached the top and I laughed to myself: it also has been. [caption id="attachment_7550" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Photo by Massimo Ga
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