Bouldering Diary

  1. Grinding it out in a Bittter Cold Swizerland

    After arriving in Switzerland to one of the “coldest,” European week in many years, we were faced with a lot of snow to deal with. The snow and the cold did not put us off. We spent the first few days cleaning the snow off boulders, and climbing w

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  2. Komilator 8A and getting pumped on routes...

    In last couple of months I have decided to focus on the boulders, so I have been back and fourth to Switzerlandworking on a few projects that I have had my eyes on for a while. I have climbed and trained quite hard and at

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  3. Anam Cara 8C

    After doing all the moves my body felt ready but my mind wasn’t. My wish of linking those moves turned into a dream. A dream of having a moment of success.

    Anam Cara challenged my life in so many different aspects. It was not only about st

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  4. Fontainebleau with the Slovenia Climbing Team

    I joined Slovenia Climbing Team on the trip to Fontainebleau. It was part of the training for the competition season 2012. 10 days in the forest gave us way more than we could get from training in our little gyms back home.

    First day in th

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  5. How Time Flies

    Many days went down since my last blog! There are two reason for that fact. The first is that we had one of the worst winter seasons ever. The weeks before Christmas have been wet and warm; therefore everything was soaked or completely unclimbable

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