I joined Slovenia Climbing Team on the trip to Fontainebleau. It was part of the training for the competition season 2012. 10 days in the forest gave us way more than we could get from training in our little gyms back home.

First day in the forest. It looked like an invasion on boulders. 15 psyched people, hungry for some Font style climbing. We were all over the place. And in 10 days nothing changed! The guys were crushing it and us girls, we were trying really hard but couldn't keep up with them. Anyway, it's Font and it's easy to get stuck on 7A's and 7B's.

Practically, we climbed everyday, with one rest day in the midlle. In between we also did some indoor training. The French just had a selection competition for the 2012 team. Jackie Godoffe and his team set some interesting world cup style problems. It was like a real competition with the strongest French, Austrian and Slovenian climbers. Fun for a day but it would be almost a sin to climb indoors when it's not raining in Font. So we went back in the forest.

I think there's a big difference from training day and a sending day. It seemed that we came to Fontainebleau to do both. Climb hard day by day and send hard stuff. In the aspect of training, I got a lot from it. But I didn't send any problems from my tick list, which is really bugging me right now as I'm writing this. I'll have to go back soon!

Now that I'm home I have a good month left to prepare for the World Cup in Log - Slovenia. I've got good memories from last year so I decided to do it again. After that I'll have time to focus on rock climbing again and plan some trips.

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