Bouldering Diary

  1. Sending The Dagger 8B+/V14 and lots more in Font

    Hi everybody! Long time has passed since my last blog post. I really want to say something about the first part of the 2012 season, especially about my trip to Fontainebleau in the first week of March. January and February have been dedicated to c

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  2. Gecko 8A+ maybe one of my proudest sends ever

    A few weeks ago I had an training midweek with the Dutch team in Fontainebleau. We had a good week with good weather, it was sending time! Some of the ascents are filmed. Not the best quality but I made a short film of it

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  3. Brilliant Days spent at Anston

    Just a quick note on my recent success on completing my first 8B bloc. It’s called keen roof at Raven Tor, it took around 7 sessions and finally got done about 2 weeks ago, Very happy!!

    Anston Stones – This is an area that was developed ab

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  4. God’s Own Rock is Sandstone!

    After all if he was to make the perfect climbing conglomerate why would he put great big pebbles and small lines of crystals that supposedly make holds in the mix?! Torn skin anyone?! OOO yes please! Me first, me first! This year I have discovered

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  5. Lifetime ticklist: check! - Emi Moosburger on 'La Proue'

    I was able to climb one of Fred Nicole's classic hard problems on a short trip to ticino right after new year. I hadn't been down there in quite a while so I was very excited to climb on good old swiss gneiss once again! As some snow dropped down

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