After a few months of training where I have been focusing on bouldering I thought it would be nice to visit one of the top bouldering spots in the world. Chironico. This was basically my first bouldering trip, all my previous trips have been rope climbing trips.

So I found two beginners from my climbing wall and off we went!!!

Our trip was too short, we only had four days, without a car and the village where we stayed was 15 km away from Chironico so the first day we just went to look at some of the problems since it was getting dark.

On day two we were psyched to finally start climbing. We woke up early, to jump on the first bus... But we ended up taking the second bus... Finally we arrived in Chironico to go bouldering!!!


Lucas on Souvenir 8a/8a+


The conditions was not the best, it was to warm, hotter than on Kalymnos. After warming up on a few easy problems I started working Souvenir 8a/8a+, which I sent after one and half hours. Later on it got too warm so the climbing day was over.


Lucas on Fat boy 7c+  

On day three I only climbed in the afternoon because of the heat (23 c). I sent the 'Bird' 7c a short and fun problem before it got dark.

On the last day, again due to lack of time, we only climbed for 3 hours sending Fat boy 7c+ a nice problem with many nice moves on underclings.

This trip was a taste of the place that I will definitely visit it again with my family so Ican have more time and try something harder.

One thing is for sure, the Moon Board training have helped me!!!

Now go back to Kalymnos... For rope climbing!!!

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