1. Lightening up a MOON Board!

    Guest blog by Chad Jensen - Alaska USA! Dear all its a pleasure for us to introduce Chad Jensen an keen climber a brilliant inventor from Alaska - USA. Chad has invented a brilliant
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  2. of fairy tales & city slickers

    There is lots of different playgrounds in climbing, and every playground requires not only different skills but also a different attitude towards it. First of all there are high walls, walls where you can´t just rappel in a single turn, walls to feed

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  3. Ötztal Sessions - FA of Robin Hood and more...

    In the past view weeks spring has finally arrived here in Austria, the cold and snow has vanished of our valley grounds, uncovering the near by blocs in the Ötztal from their hibernation... I personally love winter for all it's beauty and pleasures i

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  4. Winter Part 1

    The winter didn’t start in the best of the ways this year. Maybe because of personal engagements, that kept me in my home area...

    Maybe because of the terrible weather conditions we have had the last three months in Italy... Lets call the

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  5. From dirt grows flowers / 8c

    And the video! From dirt grows flowers / 8cAnd the video!
    From dirt grows flowers / 8c

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