1. Moon Junior team go to School

    We decided a to get the Moon Junior team together at Ben's gym 'The School Room' to have a bit of a training session, and to introduce them to the MoonClimbing Winter kit. Their enthusiasm was absolutely amazing, and they were running rings round al

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  2. Work Hard, Train Harder. By Dom Wragg

      On climbing and working       I first went climbing when I was 6 years old for a birthday party and from then on I was hooked. I was climbing everyday after school and getting outside as much as I could exploring new places

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  3. ‘leap of faith' Hamish Potokar

    In January I took a leap of faith. Perhaps not the sort of ‘leap of faith’ you’d expect on a climbing blog, instead it was a leap distinctly in the opposite direction of anything to do with climbing. But let me put it in to context. I’ve been climbi

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    PLAY SPECIFIC, AS SPECIFIC IS THE GAME The other day I did a short, one-hour Moon Board session. A few people were surprised that I spent the whole session 'just' on the Board. 'Guys,' I said, 'this is about going to the root. There's no question.'

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  5. Stretching for Climbing Katja Vidmar

    STRETCHING FOR CLIMBING I decided to write a little article about stretching. I personally do it just because it makes me feel good and I also don’t like to feel stiff when climbing. It is maybe a small part of training but for me it’s pretty import

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