1. Ben Moon's Climbing Diary from 1990 Weeks 8 & 9

    So we are now into weeks 8 & 9 since the thumb injury which kept me out of climbing for about 2 months and I've finally started trying to free the start to The Whore of Babylon at Raven's Tor which would shortly become the hardest route in the world and the first 9a.

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  2. Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 Weeks 6 to 7

    It's now been 6 weeks since I had the wire removed from my thumb after a skiing accident and I am now only 4 weeks away from making the first ascent of Hubble at Raven's Tor which was to become the worlds 1st 9a route. It doesn't look like I get much training or climbing for the next two weeks due to working on a terrible Bogna film called Fire, Ice and Dynamite which I thankfully  never got to see.

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  3. Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 weeks 4 & 5

    Here is week 4 and 5 in the build up to the first ascent of Hubble. Not much training going on but lots of air miles! Shortly after the world cup competition in Austria Jerry and I flew out to Tokyo for a demonstration comp which I think Yuji won.

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  4. Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 weeks 3 & 4

    I am still on the come back road from my skiing injury which had put me out for a couple of months and it would appear the focus at this point is a world cup competition in Vienna, Austria in the last weekend of April.

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  5. Ben Moon's Climbing Diary From 1990 Weeks 1 & 2

    To celebrate the first ascent 25 years ago of what is now widely recognised as the worlds 1st 9a route we will be publishing each week my climbing diaries from 25 years ago leading up to the ascent.

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