1. Lightening up a MOON Board!

    Guest blog by Chad Jensen - Alaska USA! Dear all its a pleasure for us to introduce Chad Jensen an keen climber a brilliant inventor from Alaska - USA. Chad has invented a brilliant
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  2. Moon Board Challenge

    Your last Moon Board challenge was this spicy 7b going on 7c problem. Did you meet the challenge? Are you ready for the nex

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  3. From furious summer into autumn tranquility

    This summer I started to work on Vukowar project, the one of The Big Four, while the half of the line was still wet. I worked the route in a very structured sessions, usually doing laps on crit

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  4. Summer chaos

    Summer chaos started with getting back into full time work regime after one year long maternity leave. Well, this was really a hard landing back into reality, especially coz I am not crazy about my boring administration job. I do not want to sound like I am complaining but I must conclude that trying to be mother, housewife, full time employee and climber in the same 24hours is definitely crazy idea. Mostly it is simply impossible to catch all but even trying is kind of success.

    Since I am new in this game, first of all, big respect to all our parents who were playin it for a long time - now I understand them better.

    And for all those who are about to get into this game in the future, here is a short photo story as a message that even in the chaos you dont have to forget climbing. Just a bit of extra motivation and organization skills and you are already on the wall.

    Cheers! Sandra

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  5. Summer months

    Soon, summer is coming to an end. I've had a fantastic summer so far. Basically, it has all been about climbing. Outdoor climbing, climbing trips, indoor training, climbing comps, climbing books, climbing friends and some climbing cha

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