1. Deep Water Solo Contest

    I returned home from my summer trip to France with an 8a red point, lots of other routes, a good tan and a feeling that I could, if I wanted to, get in a really great shape in a short period of time. But since the next international competitions I

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  2. Rocklands!

    Perfect orange sand stone, awesome lines and shapes, a beautiful view and lots of good people. That’s what Rocklands is all about! I have spent the last four weeks in this bouldering paradise and it has truly been what any boulderer would dream of. T

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  3. Training, competitions and finally Rock Climbing!

    I can finally write a new blog! :) In the last months I have been very busy with school because I had the exams, but luckily the school is over and now I can climb seriously. I trained a lot because I had some Italian Cup competitions to participate

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  4. Training hard!

    I will follow up with words...

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  5. La Coka Nostra 8A+ - A Gem in

    Recently I was able to finish off  "La Coka Nostra" 8A+, a quite new line in Tumpen, Ötztal. It's a great compression climb that reminded me a bit of Black Shadow and The Vice in Rocklands.... Check out the footage of that solo - mission!  

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