Power Endurance Training with Kajsa Rosén

A few months ago we invited our international MoonClimbing team over to the UK, while they were here we pinned them down to get some of their top training hints and tips, to help improve your climbing, or as we say at Moon #trainHardclimbHarder. In this week's video, Kajsa Rosén demonstrates the fine art of power endurance training. Kajsa is a world class climber from Sweden, who has competed internationally. She does have a slight addiction to cottage cheese, but we won't hold that against her.

To summarise-

  • You MUST warm up! 
  • After warm ups, choose four hard boulder problems that you can just about complete.
  • Then, repeat the first problem four times with one minutes rest in between each attempt.
  • Afterwards, you will rest for three minutes before changing to the next problem.  
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