1. Essential climbing warm up techniques with Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen

    Essential climbing warm up techniques with Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen

    A few months ago, we invited our international MoonClimbing team over to the UK, while they were here we pinned them down to get some of their top training hints and tips, to help improve your climbing, or as we say at Moon, #trainHardclimbHarder.

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  2. Training with Ben

    After a remarkable career including the World's first 9a "Hubble", last year, 25 years after climbing his first 9a, Ben Moon climbed his 2nd 9a "Rainshadow". This film by boreal gives an insight into Ben's training and his goals for 2016 and beyond

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  3. David Mason Getting Sweaty


    A Gritstone Afternoon from

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  4. Rainshadow Film

    I apologise for bombarding you with stuff about my recent ascent of Rainshadow but I promise this will be the last post. I still find it hard to believe that I managed to redpoint this route and that today I am uploading a film of the actual ascent. The incredible thing about this is that today is the 14th June which is the date I climbed my first 9a Hubble 25 years ago. I really couldn't have scripted this better.

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  5. Spring/Summer 2015 Promo Film

    Our new spring/summer 2015 clothing range will be landing at your local retailer any day now and is also available online here at Moon Climbing. We put the following promo film together to give a flavour of what to expect. We hope you enjoy. https:/

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