Recently I competed at and won both the following competitions: NSW State Bouldering Championships, Sydney on the 18th June and QLD State Bouldering Championships, Brisbane on the 26th June. The NSW States was a 3-hour pumpfest followed by an exciting final with elimination format. There was a great deal of pressure with this format because if you didn’t perform well on one problem, you were eliminated and couldn’t advance onto the other problems. On the last finals problem there were just two of us climbers left with a clean slate to battle it out! The QLD States also had a 3-hour pumpfest and then the finals were World Cup format, four problems with the bonus and top scoring holds. After 3 hours of climbing in the pumpfest, the finals were tough and it came down to who had the strength left at the end of the day!

I am now training up for our Australian Nationals and also a climbing trip to Kalbarri in Western Australia.

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