From the very 1st of january I had 25 days to get as ready as possible to participate in the first competition of the year! The competition was located in Copenhagen. It was the first round of a new concept called The Annual Cup, which is a new addition to the line of danish bouldering cups. With only 25 days to get fit I had to train every single day. Surprisingly, to myself as well as to others I must imagine, the get-fit-in-20-days project seemed to work! My guess is that after a relaxed holiday over Christmas, my body must have been completely recovered from any kind of overloading. Plus, I made sure that I ate properly and enough every single day as well, and got all the hours of sleep needed to be able to rest and recover as much as possible over night and therefore be able to train without getting any injuries the following day. On the day of the competition I felt ready to climb. 42 problems had been put up and we all had 5 hours to do as many as possible. At the end of the competition I was bombed, completely out-climbed by myself. It felt very satisfying to know that I had done everything I could in order to get placed as good as possible in the ranking early in the cup. The results came out the following day online and I were very pleased to see my name listed in the 1st place of the now existing and present ranking! All of my effort the previous weeks had payed off. I am very psyched to contest in the following rounds. Hopefully I will continue to be placed as one of the best 13 contestants and make it to the final round in november where it all ends in a big final! Another new addition to many people including myself this year has been the opportunity to support the fight against cancer as climbers. CAC - Climbers Against Cancer is a foundation created by John Ellison. I first met John at the world championships in Austria, Imst in 2011. Back then he did not know that he had cancer. When he a year later was diagnosed he chose not to give in to the disease. Instead he chose to actively take part in the fight against cancer and to encourage and urge others to take part as well! Now he has created an easy way for climbers all over the world to support what is no longer only his cause, but a worldwide fight against cancer in the climbing community. I am very proud to say that I, too, am supporting and promoting Climbers Against Cancer. John has been an incredible inspiration to many people already, and I hope that by wearing the shirts and thereby spreading the word it will give food for thought to many more people out there.   To learn more, see the photo gallery, or read about John visit
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