Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit

Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit

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Are you having trouble squeezing the standard MoonBoard into your basement, garage or training space? The Mini MoonBoard boasts all the perks of MoonBoard training while only requiring a room height of 2020mm (6'63")*. With a 40-degree overhang, the Mini MoonBoard is a fiercely efficient and effective way to refine your core and finger climbing strength, footwork and move precision.

Featuring its own unique hold setup, the Mini MoonBoard is 100% compatible with the free MoonBoard smartphone app and LED System, so you can enjoy creating, sharing, and climbing problems with other Mini MoonBoard users around the globe.

The Mini MoonBoard DIY kit includes all holds required for the setup, pre-drilled and t-nutted laser-engraved panels , plus the Mini MoonBoard LED System.

*A standard 40-degree MoonBoard requires 3150mm (10'33").

The MoonBoard system sets the standard for indoor training and has become globally recognised as one of the most effective strength training tools for climbing. Learn more about the MoonBoard system on the official MoonBoard website.

Compact, but by no means any less hardcore than the standard MoonBoard. The Mini MoonBoard is the ideal home training wall for spaces with restricted height.

The Mini MoonBoard follows the exact same build and layout specifications of the standard MoonBoard, minus the top 6 rows, and a revised, shorter 15cm kick board configuration. This Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit includes all the main panels and kick board to ease your build process. Each panel is pre-drilled, t-nutted, and finished with a laser-engraved design.

The Mini MoonBoard has its own unique hold setup - Mini MoonBoard 2020 - and is 100% compatible with the free MoonBoard smartphone app and LED System. By installing the LED system and connecting your board to the bluetooth app, you can easily browse and illuminate climbing problems by simply swiping your finger. Gone are the days of patiently taping or tagging holds with chalk, the MoonBoard app allows you to highlight your route instantly.

See the Technical Features tab to view a list of all components included in the Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit.

How to Build

For information on how to build your Mini MoonBoard, visit the official website here to view instructions and recommendations.


All MoonBoard panels are made to order. Final shipping costs and delivery dates will be provided after you have placed your order.

For orders delivered outside Europe, final shipping costs and delivery dates will also be provided after you have placed your MoonBoard order.

Installation guides for the Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit and LED System can be found on the official MoonBoard website

This kit includes

  • Mini MoonBoard LED System
  • Mini MoonBoard DIY Panels (made from sustainably sourced high quality birch plywood)
    • 4 main panels: 1220mm x 1220mm
    • 2 kick board panels: 1220mm x 150mm
    • Pre drilled and t-nutted for use with metric M10 bolts (included)
    • LED light holes pre-drilled. Please note that our DIY panels do not have mounting holes pre-drilled. This gives you the flexibility to mount them how you choose.
    • Laser-engraved Mini MoonBoard design
    • Panels are finished in a hard wearing PU lacquer
  • Mini MoonBoard 2020 Hold Setup:
    • Original School Holds (includes footholds for kick board)
    • Wood Holds - Set A
    • Wood Holds - Set B
    • Wood Holds - Set C
  • Metric M10 bolt kits for holds


  • 40-degree angle: 2440mm (width) / 1569mm (depth) / 2240mm (height)


Assembly of the Mini MoonBoard requires basic carpentry skills and tools. The frame on which to mount the Mini MoonBoard is not included. If you have any doubts regarding the construction of your MoonBoard, please seek professional advice.

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